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Sonette an Ead

Anton Wildgans

Dieses Hörbuch enthällt 30 Sonette, die aufeinander aufbauend eine sehnsuchtsvolle Liebe schildern. Anton Wildgans galt als sehr g…

Citadel of Lost Ships

Leigh Douglass Brackett

"It was a Gypsy world, built of space flotsam, peopled with the few free races of the Solar System. Roy Campbell, outcast prey of the C…

National Geographic Magazine Vol. 09 - 10. October 1898

National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, Vol IX, October 1898. It includes the following articles: Lake Chelan, by Henky G…

gottlosen Jahre

Alfred Wolfenstein

Alfred Wolfenstein trat als expressionistischer Lyriker zum ersten Mal mit einem Gedicht in der Zeitschrift „Die Aktion“ in Erscheinung. Mit…

Lebensgeschichte der Erde

Willy Pastor

Willy Pastor versteht die Umwelt (Erde, Sonnensystem, Universum) als eigenständigen Organismus. Am Beispiel der Erde grenzt er sich von…

Historia de Simbad el marino


Simbad el Marino narra las extraordinarias aventuras de un mercader de Bagdad, que le acontecen durante siete grandes viajes realizados en l…

Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song

Frederick Walker Mott

From the Preface: "The contents of this little book formed the subject of three lectures delivered at the Royal Institution "On th…

Short Ghost and Horror Collection 051


A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night. Expect shivers up yo…

History of the Great War, Volume One

John Buchan

This is the first of a four-volume history of the First World War, covering the period from its outbreak in the summer of 1914 to the campai…

Lady Connie

Mary Augusta Ward

Constance Bledlow is a beautiful monied 20 year old with the world at her feet. She arrives in Oxford to spend a few months with her impover…

Tad Coon's Tricks

John Breck

Tad Coon is always in trouble with all his tricks. Follow his adventures with Nibble the Rabbit, Stripe the Skink, Doctor Muskrat, and his …

Henry the Fifth

Alfred John Church

A brief history of the life Henry the Fifth. - Summary by KevinS

Seckatary Hawkins in Cuba

Seckatary Hawkins

Seckatary Hawkins, the genial fat boy, is a favorite character with everyone who enjoys the deeds of a very real boy who manages to discover…

Lorelei of the Red Mist

Leigh Douglass Brackett

Written Published in Planet Stories in 1946, this The story itself is a great mix of Golden Age Sci Fi and Swords & Sorcery. The first …

Lucretia Borgia

Ferdinand Gregorovius

According to Original Documents and Correspondence of Her Day. Lucretia Borgia is the most unfortunate woman in modern history. Is this beca…

Scottish Ghost Stories

Elliott O'Donnell

A public domain collection of Scottish Ghost tales by Elliott O'Donnell. 1911 - Summary by Sherry Morrow

Original Stories from Real Life

Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft was one of the early promoters of gender equality long before other crusaders took up the cause. She is perhaps best kno…

Year's Prayer-Meeting Talks

Louis Albert Banks

This is a series of 52 talks, all of which were delivered by Rev. Banks in the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Cleveland, Ohio on a week…

Selection of the Most Celebrated Sermons of John Calvin

John Calvin

In offering this selection of Sermons to the publick, the publisher has not been governed by Sectarian principles, but has selected Sermons …

Bible (Reina Valera) 13: 1 Crónicas


I Crónicas (hebreo, דִּבְרֵי הַיָּמִים א, "Divrei Hayamim Álef", «Los anales de los días»), tambi…

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