Personal Collection of Short Tales compiled by Carmie

Read by Carmie

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This is a selection of the fairy tales (in English) written by Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm and Wilhelm Karl Grimm in the early 19th Century. These stories are fantastical and although aimed squarely at the flexible mind of a child which can assimilate much stranger concepts than an adult they are quite dark and occasionally brutal. The stakes can be quite high as in Rumpelstiltskin where a terrible bargain is made without due regard to possible future consequences and Tom Thumb who seems forever about to be imprisoned or sliced in two.

These are moral tales and this selection features some of the less 'grim' of those tales but they are still a 1000 times more exciting and vivid than many more modern fairy tales.

The Gutenberg edition from which most of these stories were read contains some delightful pictures to accompany the stories. The pictures can be viewed here. The exception to this is the story, Puss in Boots which is from an Andrew Lang collection which can be found here. (summary by Jimmowatt) (0 hr 44 min)


Frog Prince 6:52 Read by Carmie
Puss in Boots 10:36 Read by Carmie
Rumplestiltskin 7:17 Read by Carmie
The Twelve Dancing Princesses 9:12 Read by Carmie


Love them

(5 stars)

Great stories, easy to understand. Several voices which is great for the kids!