The Man from Glengarry

Read by Bruce Pirie

(4.8 stars; 45 reviews)

With international book sales in the millions, Ralph Connor was the best-known Canadian novelist of the first two decades of the Twentieth Century. The Man from Glengarry was his most popular and accomplished work. Immediately after its publication in 1901, the novel spent several months in the top ranks of the New York Times "Books in Demand" list.

We follow the story of Ranald Macdonald, who is shaped by family and community in rural eastern Ontario in the early decades after Canadian confederation. This is a book about the making of men, but also, ultimately, about the making of a nation, as the mature Ranald moves west to take a leadership role in the fledgling province of British Columbia.

The Man from Glengarry features adventure and romance, and is, above all, a work of serious moral purpose. "Ralph Connor" was the pen-name of the Reverend Charles Gordon, a prominent Canadian minister, and his stories are woven through with his religious convictions. His is a two-fisted Christianity — or, as he said in his autobiography, a religion that can appeal to "red-blooded" people who aren't afraid to engage in physical conflict for causes that they know are right. (Summary by Bruce Pirie) (12 hr 47 min)


00 - Dedication and Preface 2:30 Read by Bruce Pirie
01 - The Open River 31:21 Read by Bruce Pirie
02 - Vengeance is Mine 20:15 Read by Bruce Pirie
03 - The Manse in the Bush 13:47 Read by Bruce Pirie
04 - The Ride for Life 9:45 Read by Bruce Pirie
05 - Forgive Us Our Debts 25:49 Read by Bruce Pirie
06 - A New Friend 27:44 Read by Bruce Pirie
07 - Maimie 17:43 Read by Bruce Pirie
08 - The Sugaring-Off 25:09 Read by Bruce Pirie
09 - A Sabbath Day's Work 54:05 Read by Bruce Pirie
10 - The Home-Coming of the Shantymen 28:51 Read by Bruce Pirie
11 - The Wake 31:51 Read by Bruce Pirie
12 - Seed-Time 19:06 Read by Bruce Pirie
13 - The Logging Bee 42:06 Read by Bruce Pirie
14 - She Will Not Forget 29:06 Read by Bruce Pirie
15 - The Revival 39:34 Read by Bruce Pirie
16 - And the Glory 24:27 Read by Bruce Pirie
17 - LeNoir's New Master 49:47 Read by Bruce Pirie
18 - He is not of My Kind 26:06 Read by Bruce Pirie
19 - One Game at a Time 24:36 Read by Bruce Pirie
20 - Her Clinging Arms 30:39 Read by Bruce Pirie
21 - I Will Remember 35:04 Read by Bruce Pirie
22 - Forget that I Loved You 47:12 Read by Bruce Pirie
23 - A Good True Friend 40:29 Read by Bruce Pirie
24 - The West 28:00 Read by Bruce Pirie
25 - Glengarry Forever 42:00 Read by Bruce Pirie


Moving coming of age story

(5 stars)

The story starts around 1860 with Ranald as a teenager and follows him through 10 years of joys, sorrows, successes and struggles as he moves from boyhood to manhood. He's no Sunday school cut-out, but a real man whose decisions shape who he becomes in life. There are also several excellent women characters - oh that I could be more like Mrs. Murray! I will not read much contemporary Christian fiction because it's often shallow and the theology is too pat and in your face. The faith that these characters live out is deep and real and moving beyond words. Bruce does an excellent job reading this solo project. (And the setting in Post-Confederation Canada prompted me to do a bit of reading on the history of our northern neighbor!)

great story, great reading

(5 stars)

It took me a little bit to get used to the reader, but I was gradually taken in by his excellent diction and careful reading. It's a very fine old story and I feel a better person for having listened to it.

(3.5 stars)

Indeed I get to despise that frustrating Mimi and Ronald, although a splendid male character, soo stupid to fall în love with that shalow girl! I kept skipping trough the book.... But the things got worse and the "happy" ending was precipitate and forced.

Excellent Reading of a Christian Romance

(4 stars)

The excellent reading of this Christian Romance is equal to and better than many commercial projects. The book is a mix of Sunday School teaching, romance, and hard life of men of the Canadian frontier.

man from Glengarry

(5 stars)

Good, good, wonderful book. The reader is dinomite. Setting is Canada with Scottish settlers and plenty of French. Connor even put in some gaylic (I can't spell). Loved it! Well worth a listen.

Fantastic book!

(5 stars)

I've never heard of this book before and I don't know why. It is a gripping story of Canada and the main character is so inspiring.


(5 stars)

A most delightful story. So full of depth. The voice of the narrator Mr. Bruce Pirie was cutout for this, thank you. JK

(5 stars)

Excellent narration. An inspiring story that stirs one to betterment