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Boys' Life of Booker T. Washington

Walter Clinton Jackson

Booker T. Washington was one of the first nationally recognized African American leaders after the Civil War. He was born to a slave woman …

Sketches by Boz, version 2

Read by Hamlet

Charles Dickens

A collection of early writings of Charles Dickens under his early pseudonym, "Boz." They first appeared in various publications f…

Form and Ornament in Ceramic Art

Read by Lynne T

William Henry Holmes

A study of ceramics in the Americas: its form, function and ornamentation as well as its history. Produced by the Smithsonian's Department o…

Six Women and the Invasion

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Gabrielle Yerta

A true tale of the wartime resilience of six Frenchwomen whose country town was invaded by the Germans during World War I. - Summary by Jael…

Scilly and its Legends

Read by Timothy Ferguson

Henry John Whitfield

A travel journal to the Scilly Islands written in the Nineteenth Century. It records Scillonian legends and folklore. There are brief divers…

The Negro's Complaint

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

William Cowper

LibriVox volunteers bring you 8 recordings of The Negro's Complaint by William Cowper. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for February …


Read by Nemo

Olive Custance

At age 16, London blueblood Olive Custance already figured in literary circles shared by Oscar Wilde and John Gray. She later wrote for the …

At the Closed Gate of Justice

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

James David Corrothers

LibriVox volunteers bring you 6 recordings of At the Closed Gate of Justice by James David Corrothers. This was the Weekly Poetry project fo…

The Mystery of the Fires (version 2)

Read by Mary Escano

Edith Lavell

Mary Louise Gay decided to spend the summer holiday in her family's cottage at Shady Nook. But an unknown arsonist has been setting the cot…

The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth, Mountaineer, Scout, and Pioneer…

Read by Claude Stewart

T. D. Bonner

James P. Beckworth, born in Virginia at the dawn of our Nation, moved with his family to eastern Missouri settling a few miles below what is…

4 SF stories by C. M. Kornbluth

Read by Phil Chenevert

C. M. Kornbluth

Four nifty Science Fiction stories by the great C. M. Kornbluth. The Adventurer - The Altar at Midnight - With These Hands and The Marching…

Herbals, Their Origin and Evolution: A Chapter in the History of Botany

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Agnes Arber

Eminent British botanist Agnes Arber provides an authoritative history of printed Herbals -- books widely used in early modern Europe to cat…

The Brothers Karamazov (version 3)

Read by Bruce Pirie

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Originally published in serial form in 1879-80, “The Brothers Karamazov” is recognized as one of the very greatest masterpieces of world lit…

The Forgery

Read by Lynne T

George Payne Rainsford James

Humphrey Scriven is a fine, genial, mercantile man, left widowed to raise three daughters and a son. Two of the daughters marry well althoug…

Doctor Dolittle's Post Office

Read by Phil Chenevert

Hugh Lofting

Doctor Dolittle's Post Office is the exciting third in the series of Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle books. As usual, the Doctor has many ad…

Tales of a Vanishing River

Read by Tom Hirsch

Earl Reed

The background of this collection of sketches and stories is the country through which flowed one of the most interesting of our western riv…

Ben, The Luggage Boy; Or, Among the Wharves

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Horatio Alger, Jr.

Ben, after running away from home, must find a way to survive on the streets. According to the preface, the book was based on a true story t…

Bashan And I

Read by David Wales

Thomas Mann

Simple and unpretentious as a statement by Francis d’Assisi, yet full of a gentle modern sophistication and humour, this little work will br…

Flower of the Dusk

Read by Daryl Wor

Myrtle Reed

Published in 1908, this is the story of two small families and the agreeable couple who help them. The heartfelt Norths, though clouded by d…

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