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O. Henry needs no introduction of course; the man who made the short story with the surprise ending famous. These 16 stories are all wonderful examples of his word sculpting art. They include: "The Rose of Dixie"; The Third Ingredient; The Hiding of Black Bill; Schools and Schools; Thimble, Thimble; Supply and Demand; Buried Treasure; To Him Who Waits; He Also Serves; The Moment of Victory; The Head-Hunter; No Story; The Higher Pragmatism; Best-Seller; Rus in Urbe; A Poor Rule - Summary by Phil chenevert (7 hr 14 min)


"The Rose of Dixie" 26:07 Read by Michele Fry
The Third Ingredient 28:11 Read by Ed Humpal
The Hiding of Black Bill 35:21 Read by Aaron Walsh
Schools and Schools 26:04 Read by Aaron Walsh
Thimble, Thimble 35:58 Read by Aaron Walsh
Supply and Demand 28:12 Read by tovarisch
Buried Treasure 26:18 Read by Aaron Walsh
To Him Who Waits 21:11 Read by Chris Pyle
He Also Serves 28:12 Read by Aaron Walsh
The Moment of Victory 27:29 Read by J. E. Vorble
The Head-Hunter 27:20 Read by J. E. Vorble
No Story 27:45 Read by tovarisch
The Higher Pragmatism 21:12 Read by tovarisch
Best-Seller 25:17 Read by Roxanne Weber
Rus in Urbe 18:57 Read by Jim Cotter
A Poor Rule 30:38 Read by Larry Wilson