Birds and All Nature, Vol. IV, No 2, August 1898

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

"Birds and All Nature" was a monthly publication of the Nature Study Publishing Company of Chicago. It includes short poems and brief descriptions of birds, animals and other natural subjects with accompanying color plates. The magazine was published from 1897-1907 under the various titles, "Birds," "Birds and all Nature," "Nature and Art" and "Birds and Nature." Good listening for anyone with a love of nature! - Summary by J. M. Smallheer (1 hr 20 min)


Nature's Adjustments 6:35 Read by Joe Selah
Reasoning Power of Birds 1:44 Read by marbenx
The Squirrel's Road 2:37 Read by marbenx
The Common Tern 3:12 Read by Joe Selah
Birds and Animals in the PhilippinesBirds Mentioned in the Bible 4:20 Read by David Lawrence
The Prairie Wolf 3:52 Read by Laura Victoria
A Household Pet 2:50 Read by Laura Victoria
The Fox Squirrel 5:06 Read by Joe Selah
The Loon 7:35 Read by Larry Wilson
The Mockingbird 2:30 Read by Joe Selah
The Boblink's Song 0:56 Read by Joe Selah
How Butterflies are Protected 4:08 Read by Laura Victoria
Midsummer 2:00 Read by Joe Selah
The Red Fox 7:10 Read by tovarisch
The Least Sandpiper 4:18 Read by Larry Wilson
Instinct and Reason 5:03 Read by David Lawrence
The Mountain Sheep 5:55 Read by Joe Selah
A Seminary for Teaching Birds to Sing 7:15 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Summary 2:57 Read by David Lawrence