The Full Blessing of Pentecost

Read by Christopher Smith

(4.9 stars; 68 reviews)

Andrew Murray opens his Introduction to the book with these words: "The message which this little book brings is simple but most solemn. It is to the effect that the one thing needful for the Church, and the thing which, above all others, men ought everywhere to seek for with one accord and with their whole heart, is to be filled with the Spirit of God."

Jesus said "He that believeth on Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water". In Murray's words, it is as we yield our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit to know Christ and look at Him, and believe in what is revealed, that the Spirit can take possession of us. The Spirit is given to reveal Christ, and every revelation of Christ fully accepted gives the Spirit room to dwell and work within us. Thus can the promise of Jesus be fulfilled and we can be led into a life in which we fully trust in Christ and in which we know the fullness and power of the Spirit. (Christopher Smith) (3 hr 45 min)


Preface and Introduction 12:12 Read by Christopher Smith
How It Is To Be Taught 16:10 Read by Christopher Smith
How Glorious It Is 17:22 Read by Christopher Smith
How It Was Bestowed From Heaven 16:21 Read by Christopher Smith
How Little It Is Enjoyed 18:07 Read by Christopher Smith
How The Blessing Is Hindered 16:43 Read by Christopher Smith
How It Is Obtained By Us 17:06 Read by Christopher Smith
How It May Be Kept 17:45 Read by Christopher Smith
How It May Be Increased 17:19 Read by Christopher Smith
How It Comes To Its Full Manifestation 20:16 Read by Christopher Smith
How Fully It Is Assured To Us By God 18:48 Read by Christopher Smith
How It Is To Be Found By All 17:34 Read by Christopher Smith
How Everything Must Be Given Up For It 19:59 Read by Christopher Smith


Rich in the spiritual truths of the deeper Christian life!

(5 stars)

I would highly recommend this book and any of the other writings of Andrew Murray if you are hungry and thirsty for a closer deeper walk with the Master! This is a scriptural truth that very few believers today are even aware that is a vital aspect of the "abundant life" that Chrict came to appropriate for each one of us. What a complete transformation would take place in the church and then in the world around us just as in the New Testament days (after Pentecost) if Christians would take this to heart, let go, and let God have His way! Thank you Bro. Christopher and Librivox for this recording!

(5 stars)

Another great book by Andrew Murray!

A Word in Season

(5 stars)

Andrew Murray always tops the list of my favorite devotional masters through the years... but this little volume caught my attention at such a time as this! I was browsing through my library the other day looking for a book that deals with this subject on THE PROMISE of the FATHER when I found the title EXPERIENCING THE HOLY SPIRIT by the same author. I haven't read it before. I knew instinctively that the title was changed by the publishers. I found out that the book was formerly titled IN SEARCH of SPIRITUAL EXCELLENCE. I then made a search online to see if I could download an e-copy. It was then that I discovered that the same book was really titled THE FULL BLESSING OF PENTECOST! However, my copy was already edited and updated for today's modern reader. And now, what a wonderful blessing to hear the book read by Christopher Smith here at Librivox! With a PDF copy, unabridged and unedited... written in that old English style some of us have grown to cherish and love! I am deeply gratefulšŸ™

A revelation!

(5 stars)

As a lifelong Christian, the truths in this book have been a revelation. In all my life I have not realised the fullness into which we are called. I feel like I've spent 40yrs only living a small portion in the fullness of Christ. Our understanding is confused and our flesh wars against us

(5 stars)

Thanks be to God for giving us this collection of the works of Andrew Murray!

Seminal. A must read for every Believer!

(5 stars)

Powerful. Potent. Simple. Scriptural.

Best book I've heard on the Holy Spirit

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

Awesome!!! A must read for every Christian.