Collected Articles of Frederick Douglass

Read by Lee Smalley

(4.7 stars; 30 reviews)

These two articles were reproduced as an e-book by Project Gutenberg in 2008 to supplement "...several articles by Frederick Douglass, whose larger work was presented in book form as a January, 1993 Project Gutenberg Etext to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day...." The articles narrated here are "My Escape From Slavery" (1881) and "Reconstruction" (1866). - Summary by Lee Smalley (0 hr 48 min)


My Escape From Slavery 30:38 Read by Lee Smalley
Reconstruction 17:31 Read by Lee Smalley


A great thinker writes, and thereby, speaks to us all.

(5 stars)

Frederick Douglass, I think, would abhor how little progress there has been for people of color. The failure of Reconstruction follows us still, I.e. Charlottesville. Douglass’ writing is clear and pointed.