Jack and the Check Book

Read by Cate Barratt

(4.7 stars; 23 reviews)

Bangs is in top form in his version of this small collection of timeless fairy tales. If you don't immediately recognize Jack and the Check Book, Puss, the Promoter, and the Golden Fleece, don't worry, you soon will. - Summary by Cate Barratt (2 hr 55 min)


Jack and the Check Book 25:15 Read by Cate Barratt
The Great Wish Syndicate 30:18 Read by Cate Barratt
Puss, the Promoter 27:27 Read by Cate Barratt
The Golden Fleece 29:21 Read by Cate Barratt
The Invisible Cloak 31:04 Read by Cate Barratt
The Return of Aladdin 32:14 Read by Cate Barratt


(5 stars)

My 3rd Bang book in as many days; good fun to listen to while doing other things like cooking etc where you don’t need to concentrate too much

Great Fun

(5 stars)

Clever, satisfying fairy tales of the economic variety.

(5 stars)

Interesting twist on traditional fairytales. Very well read

Fun and enjoyable with an excellent reader.

(5 stars)