The Two Bears, and Other Sermons for Children

Read by MaryAnn

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”Let no one make you think that you are too young to serve God. That is not true. As soon as you know right from wrong, you are old enough to begin taking the right way. As soon as you are old enough to be punished for doing wrong, you are old enough to give your heart to God, and to follow Christ.” So Rev. Ryle speaks to children of all ages. He does not speak down to children, for even the littlest ones can understand great spiritual truths. Instead, he teaches them in simple language what it means to be a true follower of Jesus and challenges them to live a better life whatever their age by following Jesus’ example – messages we adults could profit from as well. (Introduction by MaryAnn) (2 hr 29 min)


The Two Bears 21:58 Read by MaryAnn
Children Walking in the Truth 27:53 Read by MaryAnn
Little and Wise 22:38 Read by MaryAnn
No More Crying! 23:21 Read by MaryAnn
The Happy Little Girl 5:55 Read by MaryAnn
Little Things 21:27 Read by MaryAnn
Seeking the Lord Early 26:44 Read by MaryAnn