Pariah Planet

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.5 stars; 80 reviews)

When the blue plague appeared on the planet of Dara, fear struck nearby worlds. The fear led to a hate that threatened the lives of millions and endangered the Galactic peace. But the Med Service ship Aesculapius 20 with Calhoun and Murgatroyd the Tormal aboard are on the job and have stumbled into the horrible mess caused by unreasoning hatred, quarantine, mass starvation and worse. Calhoun must use all his medical knowledge and significant skills to even understand the situation here in neglected Sector 12. Can he and Murgatroyd untangle this Gordian's knot and live to tell the tale? Maybe and maybe not. Listen and find out. (Summary by Phil Chenevert) (4 hr 0 min)


1 - CHAPTER 1 33:26 Read by Phil Chenevert
2 - CHAPTER 2 27:21 Read by Phil Chenevert
3 - CHAPTER 3 27:58 Read by Phil Chenevert
4 - CHAPTER 4 29:31 Read by Phil Chenevert
5 - CHAPTER 5 34:10 Read by Phil Chenevert
6 - CHAPTER 6 32:07 Read by Phil Chenevert
7 - CHAPTER 7 32:01 Read by Phil Chenevert
8 - CHAPTER 8 24:08 Read by Phil Chenevert


Awesome story

(5 stars)

I think the matter-of-fact attitude of the main character is the best aspect of the story. He just sighs and says, here we go again. Cheep cheep! The story is fun, interesting, and a great bit of human interest wrapped in a sci-fi. I loved it! Reader is excellent as usual. Thanks!

Pariah Planet

(5 stars)

Excellent story with a most pleasant narration. A joy to hear.

Fun, enjoyable quick "read"

(4.5 stars)

very fun story, but somewhat frightening in how it is so relevent in us politics and in countries around the world. narration fit story very well. enjoyable and lite quick "read"


(5 stars)

very warm fuzzy. mistakes are made along the way as in the real world in which we live, but in the end well best listen and see.... it's a good spend of your time


(4 stars)

Even though I like Phil's voice, his narration isn't brilliant, when it comes to intonation and pronunciation. I prefer the Mark Nelson version.

I liked it

(5 stars)

It was kinda quirky, especially how the reader read it. I'll be looking for other books by this author.

great narration on good story

(5 stars)

as always excellent job by Phil Chenevert! Good story as well. Just loved Murkatroid!

Pariah Planet

(5 stars)

Good read. Fun story with good twists, characters and imaginative plot. Fast paced too. Thanks!