The Golden Lion of Granpere

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(4.3 stars; 43 reviews)

Time to do a short Continental trip with Trollope and see if we agree with Walpole. "...not only Trollope's very best shorter book, but one of the most charming idylls in English literature. - . . It has all the colour and richness and cohesion of something done irresistibly." -Walpole

The story line is simple - boy meets girl - parents object - trials and tribulations follow - and then the story reaches it's conclusion - but you will need to find what that is for yourself !!
(Summary by Walpole & Annise) (6 hr 31 min)


01 - Chapter I 32:30 Read by Barry O'Neill
02 - Chapter II 18:05 Read by Barry O'Neill
03 - Chapter III 15:58 Read by Kevin Green
04 - Chapter IV 17:02 Read by Kevin Green
05 - Chapter V 15:12 Read by Anthony Ogus
06 - Chapter VI 12:45 Read by Anthony Ogus
07 - Chapter VII 12:15 Read by Barry O'Neill
08 - Chapter VIII 24:19 Read by Barry O'Neill
09 - Chapter IX 23:15 Read by Barry O'Neill
10 - Chapter X 14:35 Read by Barry O'Neill
11 - Chapter XI 11:44 Read by Anthony Ogus
12 - Chapter XII 23:54 Read by Anthony Ogus
13 - Chapter XIII 24:25 Read by Barry O'Neill
14 - Chapter XIV 14:48 Read by Barry O'Neill
15 - Chapter XV 20:08 Read by Larry Beasley
16 - Chapter XVI 16:05 Read by Barry O'Neill
17 - Chapter XVII 23:55 Read by Barry O'Neill
18 - Chapter XVIII 24:11 Read by Anthony Ogus
19 - Chapter XIX 16:42 Read by Anthony Ogus
20 - Chapter XX 17:48 Read by Anthony Ogus
21 - Chapter XXI 12:13 Read by Anthony Ogus


Trollope Lite

(3 stars)

The readers were excellent, but this is not Trollope at his best. It’s a sweet little romance with decent characterization that’s suitable for a time when the listener doesn’t want to work at complicated plot. Essentially the lovers must overcome the disapprobation of their parents, and they do.

very good for relaxing to

(5 stars)

The reading is fabulous. I love Anthony Trollope, but this must be his slowest story... almost boring, but sweet. A good story for going to sleep to or relaxing.

(2 stars)

So boring I could not bear it after 4 chapters. not the readers fault, just very boring story. . And this from a Troloppiphile!

(5 stars)

A fun story well read. As usual Trollope characters are a little confused about their own intentions, but a charming story anyway.

has charm but repetitive

(2.5 stars)

The readers are wonderful!, but Trollope repeats himself ad nauseum. Ultimately it just wore me out.


(4 stars)

Full of obstinacy. A bit drawn out in places, but overall an excellent work.

Classic Trollope

(5 stars)

A wonderfully read story of love and marriage. Well read throughout.

(4.5 stars)

I really enjoyed this book! excellent reading!