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Inheritors, (1921) by American dramatist Susan Glaspell concerns the legacy of an idealistic farmer who wills his highly coveted midwest farmland to the establishment of a college (Act I.) Forty years later, when his granddaughter stands up for the rights of Hindu nationals to protest at the college her grandfather founded, she jeopardizes funding for the college itself and sets herself against her own uncle, president of the institution's trustees (Acts II & III.) Ultimately, she defies her family's wishes, and as a consequence is bound for prison herself (Act IV.) The play was a stirring defense of free speech and an individual's ability to stand for his or her own ideal during a time of aggressive anti-Communist politics in the US. Inheritors was first performed at Provincetown Playhouse in 1922, the last of Glaspell's plays presented there. It has been revived in New York City by Mirror Repertory in 1983 and Metropolitan Playhouse in 2005. (Summary by Wikipedia)

Smith: Chris Marcellus
Grandmother: Margaret Espaillat
Silas Morton, Emil Johnson: Anthony
Felix Fejevary the First: AllenJohns
Felix Fejevary the Second: Rick Cahill, Robert Hoffman
Senator Lewis, Ira Morton: Nathanial W.C. Higgins
Horace Fejevary: Chuck Williamson
Doris: Elizabeth Klett
Fussie: Liz Bennington
Madeline Fejevary Morton: Arielle Lipshaw
Isabel Fejevary: Linette Geisel
Harry: MichaelH-S
Holden: Delmar H. Dolbier
Narrator: Amanda Friday
Audio edited by Chuck Williamson (2 hr 44 min)


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