Twenty-five Sermons on The Holy Land

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When Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage went to visit the Holy Land, he wrote sermons for his home church and sent them back to be read. It resulted in this wonderful collection of sermons exploring in depth the places he visited, explaining their significance both in the past and present, describing what he saw and how he felt. As well as what happened there in biblical times, all the while expanding on that and teaching valuable lessons about Christ and how he is just as real today as he was when he walked the Earth in physical form. His sermons are always very informative and and full of help for your Christian walk. This book is an excellent sketch or the Holy Land as well as a thought provoking set of sermons, which will have you thinking about your own personal relationship with Christ. (Summary by fiddlesticks) (11 hr 2 min)


The Eve of Departure 19:15 Read by Larry Wilson
''I Must Also See Rome'' 26:34 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
A Mediterranean Voyage 33:26 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Paul's Mission to Athens 29:28 Read by Lucretia B.
Life and Death of Dorcas 20:03 Read by Larry Wilson
The Glory of Solomon's Reign 30:52 Read by Ryan S. Durham
Peace, Be Still! 22:33 Read by Larry Wilson
The Marriage Feast 20:22 Read by Larry Wilson
Christmas Eve in the Holy Land 21:18 Read by Larry Wilson
The Joyful Surprise 17:34 Read by Andy Glover
How a King's Life was Saved 26:26 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The Philippian Earthquake 26:03 Read by Christopher Smith
What is in a Name? 19:46 Read by Larry Wilson
The Half was not Told Me 27:46 Read by Gillian Hendrie
I Went up to Jerusalem 28:34 Read by ChadH94
On the House-top in Jerusalem 28:22 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The Journey from Jerusalem to Jericho 29:38 Read by TriciaG
He Toucheth the Hills and They Smoke 28:14 Read by TriciaG
Solomon in all His Glory 22:57 Read by K. H. Atole
The Journey to Bethel 29:24 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Incidents in Palestine 30:38 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Among the Holy Hills 30:38 Read by TriciaG
Our Sail on Lake Galilee 33:03 Read by Gillian Hendrie
On to Damascus 30:45 Read by TriciaG
Across Mount Lebanon 29:20 Read by Andy Glover