The Log-Cabin Lady

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(4.6 stars; 47 reviews)

'The story of The Log-Cabin Lady is one of the annals of America. It is a moving record of the conquest of self-consciousness and fear through mastery of manners and customs. It has been written by one who has not sacrificed the strength and honesty of her pioneer girlhood, but who added to these qualities that graciousness and charm which have given her distinction on two continents.'
(from the introduction) (2 hr 4 min)


0 - Preface 6:30 Read by Cheri Gardner
1 - Chapter I 28:45 Read by Sandra Estenson
2 - Chapter II 28:36 Read by Sandra Estenson
3 - Chapter III 17:28 Read by Marianna Foos
4 - Chapter IV 28:20 Read by Cheri Gardner
5 - Chapter V 14:57 Read by Cheri Gardner


timeless lessons on humanity

(5 stars)

7/2020 i read this a few years ago, but did not realize it at first. I was blessed to experience it once again! The author gives us timeless tips about interacting with humanity. Her reminisces are at times poignant, convicting, embarrassing, funny. The reader's delivery makes the book sound as if you are sitting in the parlor of an old friend hearing her stories firsthand. this was a GREAT pairing!

Insightful and Heartwarming

(5 stars)

It is so sad that the author of such a wonderfully thought out and written book felt she had to remain anonymous. It speaks to the progress, still to be made, in society. Worth listening to, multiple times.

(5 stars)

Really lovely story. What a beautiful heart this lady has. It was a little distracting that the voice of the protagonist changed after chapter 2, felt like a whole other person being represented, but a lovely story nonetheless.

(5 stars)

Loved this book. What a slice of history! Also an amazingly insightful and tender view of relationships, especially marriage and in-laws and an unusually transparent look at movement to a higher class.

Not much about log cabin life

(4 stars)

The title *The log cabin lady* didn't really fit the autobiography. I was expecting to hear more about her log cabin life. Well read.

(5 stars)

not a narrative of pioneer life as the title suggests, but more a study of european culture and etiquette. well read. interesting.

good read and good reader

(4 stars)

You could really appreciate what she was going through. Reader is clear and understandable.


(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this book of memories.