What Men Live By and Other Tales

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Although Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) was a wealthy landowner, in his later life he had what was considered a “religious awakening.” This experience went on to inform his writing and his lifestyle in profound ways. His views transcended the specifics of religion, as known in his day - so much so he came to be a helpful guide both to Mohandas Gandhi and to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The four stories in this collection ask profound questions and gently supply helpful, non-dogmatic hints to their answerings: What is the most important thing to do? Who is the most important person? When is the most important time? What is worth owning? What is the most profound religion? What rules should men live by? How much land does a man need? Who is God? What should we bother to discuss? How should we act towards one another? How should we respond to cruelty and violence? And many more. Wonderful stories written in a relaxed style. (Summary by Alan Drake.) (2 hr 1 min)


What Men Live By 1:06:27 Read by David Barnes
Three Questions 11:07 Read by David Barnes
The Coffee-House of Surat 20:32 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
How Much Land Does a Man Need? 39:56 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)


Legendary Leo Tolstoy's works

(5 stars)

I am more than happy to give five stars because it is a miracle for me to be able to find my favorite author's works in this app. Thank you. This book healed me today.

(5 stars)

Truly a wonderful teller of tales is the author!

somethings to think about

(5 stars)

Somethings to think about

Hauntingly powerful

(4 stars)

Profound stories well-told to the extent that even if we can see certain parts coming, we still anticipate what follows with interest. Worth a listen, especially when all four tales are well-read by the two readers--thank you! :)

Well done

(5 stars)

Great audio and great stories. Spoiler alert, the first one is by far the best of the bunch.

Tolstoy brilliance in way of telling stories

(5 stars)

Loved it all the way, and the narration is at his best

I am crying

(5 stars)

this is just wonderful, I looked so much for this work.

Good One

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Nice stories. Good reader. Thanks