The Fixed Period

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This book is set in 1980 in the Republic of Britannula, which is a fictional island near New Zealand. It deals with euthanasia as a radical solution to the problem of the aged. The novel is in the form of a personal account written by the President of Britannula about the island's recent history. It has often been said that when the book came out Trollope had reached the age of 67. Interesting is the fact that this is the exact age at which all Britannulans are required by law to retire from their worldly affairs and begin a year of preparation for death. (Summary by Michele Eaton) (7 hr 11 min)


Introduction 29:34 Read by Dennis Lane Pretoria
Gabriel Crasweller 28:19 Read by Dennis Lane Pretoria
The First Break-down 24:55 Read by Jacki Horn
Jack Neverbend 32:21 Read by A. J. Carroll
The Cricket-match 51:13 Read by shihping
The College 36:20 Read by shihping
Columbus And Galileo 36:02 Read by shihping
The John Bright 41:27 Read by Allie Cingi
The New Governor 36:32 Read by thecheops
The Town-hall 35:11 Read by shihping
Farewell 41:44 Read by shihping
Our Voyage To England 37:33 Read by shihping


(5 stars)

brilliant book! the readers did a great job!