The Secret Agent

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.6 stars; 48 reviews)

The Secret Agent is Conrad's dark, and darkly comic story of a band of spies, anarchists, agents-provocateurs plotting and counter-plotting in the back streets of London in the early 20th Century. The novel centers on Verloc, a shop-owner, phony-anarchist and double-agent, who becomes embroiled in an ambitious terrorist plan to bomb the Greenwich Observatory. (Summary by Hugh McGuire) (9 hr 53 min)


Chapter 1 17:01 Read by Hugh McGuire
Chapter 2 58:07 Read by Neal Foley
Chapter 3 33:58 Read by fling93
Chapter 4 38:12 Read by Hugh McGuire
Chapter 5 50:02 Read by Branko Collin
Chapter 6 56:24 Read by Greg
Chapter 7 30:52 Read by Lloyd Davis
Chapter 8 1:03:45 Read by Mitchell Dwyer
Chapter 9 57:53 Read by Michèle Pacey
Chapter 10 27:49 Read by Gina
Chapter 11 1:12:50 Read by Mark Bradford
Chapter 12 1:05:26 Read by Derek Elliot
Chapter 13 20:52 Read by Paula Berinstein


A bad listening experience

(1 stars)

Of the many books I've listened to, this is by far the most difficult to complete. Audio quality is generally poor. The readers demonstrate limited skills in reading aloud. Read a hard copy or seek another audio product.

Uniquely Interpersonal Spy Story

(4 stars)

I found this to be a unique and interesting take on a spy story. This story goes deep into the interworking of character's relationships. It shows how these relationships drove the actions of the characters. The story is complex. I listened to many parts twice. Some narrators were good, some okay and some are aspiring to be good.


(4.5 stars)

A good story, telling of the early 1900s and crime. Gritty? Maybe, but not too much so. You won't be disgusted by it, but it's certainly gritty enough to be effective!


(5 stars)

Difficult to follow. Had to force myself to stay with it. The readers were average at best which didn't help keeping my interest. Oh well, live & learn. 😕

(2 stars)

too bad readers are soooo bad, words that they cant deserves better.


(1 stars)

mispronounced words, wrong words and wind tunnel recording.

(1 stars)

I suspect from various clues that this is one of Librivox's very earliest recordings. It really needs to be replaced with a better one. This is one of those books where I fail to see why Librivox bothers to publish a reading anyway, as a professionally produced version is available that is better than anything Librivox is capable of.