Absolute Surrender and Other Addresses

Read by Joy Chan

(4.8 stars; 249 reviews)

This is a series of short messages written by the South African minister, Andrew Murray. They deal with the necessity and joy of surrendering our lives completely to God.
(Summary written by Joy Chan) (3 hr 52 min)


Absolute Surrender 28:06 Read by Joy Chan
Fruit of the Spirit is Love, The 33:48 Read by Joy Chan
Separated Unto the Holy Ghost 22:19 Read by Joy Chan
Peter 16:27 Read by Joy Chan
Impossible With Man, Possible With God 21:45 Read by Joy Chan
O Wretched Man That I Am 19:46 Read by Joy Chan
Having Begun in the Spirit 25:13 Read by Joy Chan
Kept By the Power of God 31:36 Read by Joy Chan
Ye Are the Branches 33:25 Read by Joy Chan


Another awesome book by Andrew Murray!

(4.5 stars)

Another answer to my prayers! God has now used Andrew Murray books twice to specifically speak to me on exactly what I'd been praying about! I've enjoyed other books by him, but, a few years ago I was in dire need of the messages in " Abide in Christ" and have benefited from others since, I saved this one and as He always does, He moved me to hear it at exactly the right time! We are so blessed to have our God! Thank you, Joy Chan, always a pleasure! I sincerely pray this book speaks to you as fully and completely as it did me! God bless!

Absolute Surrender

(5 stars)

I believe it is not the Bible yet I believe it has so many truths. I’ve known about this book for 29 years. I have listened and read it more than all others books NOT including the Holy Bible KJV. I have listened to Joy read it over 15 of those years.

Joy Chan read this well

(5 stars)

I have listened to this overband over. It is both relaxing and inspiring. Andrew Murray's short messages are perfect to listen to while stretching or meditating on while driving. Some are 20mins or 15 or 30. He is very concise and clear on what we need as Christians

Another Andrew Murray spiritual gift

(5 stars)

Andrew Murray was such a tremendous Spirit filled author of worship & praising writings that are full of thought and ideas to ponder on and pray for.Thanks to Joy Chan another great narration of a great work.

(5 stars)

Awsome Spirit filled teaching! Praise God for this awsome vessel of honour from God, for leaving behind this wonderful teaching and many others, for us to hear and learn and live by, through our Blessed Holy Spirit!

(5 stars)

I’m so glad I listened to this! There are so many truths contained within this book that I will listen again. The reader does an excellent job, very pleasant yo listen to.

life changer!

(5 stars)

This allows me to feel as if the Holly Spirit was giving me guidance and opening my awareness to the truth and infinite love of my Creator.

A must read

(5 stars)

God’s hand was guiding Andrew Murray as he wrote this book. Read it because it just might save you eternally! Thank you Jesus!