Bat Wing

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.5 stars; 330 reviews)

Private detective Paul Harley investigates a mysterious case involving voodoo, vampirism, and macabre murder in the heart of London. The first book in the Paul Harley series, written by Sax Rohmer, author of The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. (Summary by Mark Nelson) (9 hr 13 min)


Chapters 1-3 1:00:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 4-6 45:47 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 7-9 53:09 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 10-12 57:51 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 13-15 48:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 16-18 45:54 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 19-21 45:19 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 22-24 43:08 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 25-27 34:39 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 28-30 35:04 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 31-33 50:48 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 34-35 32:06 Read by Mark Nelson


Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer

(5 stars)

Well done. The narrative was excellent. Story line and plot was well thought out in the tradition of Sax Rohmer. Some might think the language some what "heavy" but I found it a treasure. I am stuck in the 18th and 19th century. The meter of the writing and the vocabulary are worth a listen. I guess I am a hopeless romantic. HUM?

(5 stars)

I've come to listen to anything narrated by Mr Nelson and this may be one of my new favorites. Yes the story is dated but that honestly adds to the charm. This was a fantastic whodunit which had me guessing and hooked from the first chapter. Normally I don't care for the genre but I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery, drama or really any kind of fiction.

Great mystery yarn

(5 stars)

This is the first story that I've heard from this author; it's a great example of that genre from that time. The plot had enough "twists & turns" in it to keep the reader from easily guessing but not too far fetched to ruin the story. But most of the credit should go to the reader, Mark does an excellent job of making the story come alive.

A mystery with all the toppings.

(5 stars)

even though I listened to this once before, it was still great. Mark does such a good job reading, changing his voice with each different character. Yes, it is not flattering to people who are not White and English but one must remember when it was written. It's hard to imagine love driving people to do such insane things and how easily circumstantial evidence could convict someone. I love the descriptions of gardens and stately old homes.

what a treat.

(5 stars)

recommended. If you love early 1900 genre, this is a great mystery story, well read. Voodoo and the mysterious sees our detectives stumped for a while. A little of the 'far east' and interest in the occult, captivating French woman and maybe a damsel in distress and odd sounds of footsteps in the night all come in to play.

(5 stars)

A very entertaining and clever manor house murder mystery. The author pays homage to Edgar Allan Poe in many ways, and I thought it was amusing for one fictional detective to compare himself to another fictional detective ruefully. Overall, the multiple plot twists and red herrings make for an interesting and tightly woven story. Mark Nelson does an outstanding narration.


(5 stars)

Perhaps one of the lesser known stories written by Sax Rohmer, but in my opinion, a very fine one, indeed. Plot twists, strong characters, and MacGuffins which would make Hitchcock proud, Mark Nelson's reading is consistently excellent, and I quite enjoyed this classic tale of love and doom.

Time well spent.

(5 stars)

This is beautifully written, and very interesting to listen to. As others have said, it has twists and turns and good mystery to it.As always, this narrator did a splendid job. Thanks for all your efforts. I always look forward to your next narration!