Autobiography of Anthony Trollope

Read by Jessica Louise

(4.4 stars; 26 reviews)

Anthony Trollope's autobiography will delight you whether or not you've read (or listened to) any of his many works. His honest if self-deprecating tone is at times hilarious and at times piteously moving. His detailed descriptions of his writing process and his philosophy of writing as work rather than art are fascinating. Fans of Trollope will enjoy learning the man's perceptions of his novels' shortcomings and triumphs. Anyone will appreciate learning about his years devoted to churning out literature for profit while working full time with the post office. (Summary by JessicaLouise) (9 hr 52 min)


Preface 7:55 Read by Jessica Louise
My Education 32:13 Read by Jessica Louise
My Mother 23:57 Read by Jessica Louise
The General Post Office 40:40 Read by Jessica Louise
Ireland––My First Two Novels 33:52 Read by Jessica Louise
My First Success 35:19 Read by Jessica Louise
"Barchester Towers" and the "Three Clerks" 29:46 Read by Jessica Louise
"Doctor Thorne"-"The Bertrams"-"The West Indies"-:"The Spanish Main" 22:43 Read by Jessica Louise
The "Cornhill Magazine" and "Framley Parsonage" 34:51 Read by Jessica Louise
"Castle Richmond"-"Brown, Jones, and Robinson"-"North America"-"Orley Farm" 29:07 Read by Jessica Louise
"The Small House at Allington"-"Can You Forgive Her?"-"Rachel Ray"-"Fortnightly… 34:04 Read by Jessica Louise
"The Claverings"-"Pall Mall Gazette"-"Nina Balatka"-"Linda Tressel" 26:51 Read by Jessica Louise
On Novels and the Art of Writing Them 42:52 Read by Jessica Louise
On English Novelists of the Present Day 27:41 Read by Jessica Louise
On Criticism 15:30 Read by Jessica Louise
"The Last Chronicle of Barset"-"Leaving the Post Office"-"St. Paul's Magazine" 29:39 Read by Jessica Louise
Beverley 23:12 Read by Jessica Louise
The American Postal Treaty––The Question of Copyright with America––Four More N… 29:06 Read by Jessica Louise
"The Vicar of Bullhampton"-'"Sir Harry Hotsput"-"An Editor's Tales"-"Caesar" 26:13 Read by Jessica Louise
"Ralph the Heir"––"The Eustace Diamonds"––"Lady Anna"––"Australia" 18:06 Read by Jessica Louise
"The Way We Live Now" and "The Prime Minister"––Conclusion 28:37 Read by Jessica Louise


(2 stars)

Just can’t stomach the strong American accent. Sorry I do appreciate the reader but the accent is loud shouty and truly gives me a headache. So unable to complete the listening.

Excellent reading of interesting book

(4 stars)

Jessica Louise does an excellent job reading this book. Her description was spot on. How anyone with such an awful childhood could have a successful marriage and adult friendships is a wonder in our victim oriented society today. Trollope is so depreciating that I wonder if there was some positive influence somewhere that he has just not mentioned. The book focuses on his career as an author and listeners should not expect to hear anything about Trollope's personal and family life except to the extent it bears on the writing career.

worthwhile listening experience

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed listening to this reader of Trollope's Autobiography. Thank you so much for your time and energy spent. Really a worthy reading!

(5 stars)

Very well read. The book starts interestingly, but becomes somewhat pompous in the criticism of other authors.