Brazilian Tales

Read by Leni

(3.7 stars; 6 reviews)

"Brazilian Tales" is a collection of six short stories selected by Isaac Goldberg as best representative of the Brazilian Literature of his period - the end of the 19th century. His comprehensive preface aims at familiarizing the reader with a literature that was - and still is - virtually unknown outside the boundaries of its own land, and the pieces chosen by Goldberg to be translated belong to writers that reached popularity and appreciation while still alive. This "pioneer volume", as the translator himself puts it, still keeps its charm and interest as a way of offering to the English speaking public some "sample cases" of Brazilian Literature. (Summary by Leni) (2 hr 57 min)


Preliminary Remarks 44:15 Read by Leni
The Attendant's Confession 36:31 Read by Leni
The Fortune Teller 25:41 Read by Leni
Life 22:56 Read by Leni
The Vengeance of Felix 14:27 Read by Leni
The Pigeons 19:58 Read by Leni
Aunt Zeze's Tears 14:05 Read by Leni


(3 stars)

It is great to find Machado in audio form. The reader's strange pronunciation of many words is probably because she has only encountered them in written form but it was certainly distracting.

boring, arrhythmic reader

(1.5 stars)

Annoying accent, mispronunciation of too many words. Boring, almost monotone reader. Cannot recommend