Bible (ASV) 27: Daniel

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The Book of Daniel (דניאל), originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic, is a book in both the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) and the Christian Old Testament. The book is set during the Babylonian Captivity, a period when Jews were deported and exiled to Babylon following the Siege of Jerusalem of 597 BC. The book revolves around the figure of Daniel, an Israelite who becomes an adviser to Nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of Babylon from 605 BC - 562 BC. The book has two distinct parts: a series of six narratives (chapters one to six) and four apocalyptic visions (chapters seven to twelve). The narratives take the form of court stories which focus on tests of religious fidelity involving Daniel and his friends (chapters one, three and six), and Daniel's interpretation of royal dreams and visions (chapters two, four and five). In the second part of the book, Daniel recounts his reception of dreams, visions and angelic interpretations in the first person.
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How beautiful is this book

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it is nourishing to my soul. It is like sweet wine on my lips and like oil upon my head. the words have helped me to find peace in troubling times. I am so happy to know myself to just be a letter within my father's book. how perfect it is to know my own name. I tell you but it has brought so much great pain to my heart to have stepped away from your presents. I will not stir up my children to wrath as my father did accidentally and incidentally to me. I will not be arrogant in my own eyes but I will know the reason we sing and I will join the chorus that is bringing home the most perfect City and most perfect understanding. Shame on those who sought to keep us divided. In their arrogance they only hurt them self. it is well within my soul. May the spirit of the eternally Rushing Waters bring peace and blessings to you and your family.

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Well read and easy to follow!