LibriVox 18th Anniversary Collection

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

"LibriVox is a hope, an experiment, and a question: can the net harness a bunch of volunteers to bring books in the public domain to life..."
Hugh McGuire, LibriVox's founder, August 9, 2005

In celebration of LibriVox's 18th anniversary, here is collection of short works of various kinds and from varied authors which include in their title the words 'eighteen' or 'eighteenth' or the number '18.' Each piece is selected and read by a LibriVox volunteer. (4 hr 32 min)


The Eighteenth Amendment and Its Enforcement 23:02 Read by Michele Fry
Overview of Eighteenth Amendment, Prohibition of Alcohol 6:48 Read by Michele Fry
Repeal of the 18th Amendment 7:34 Read by Maria Kasper
Canada's Eighteen 1:40 Read by TriciaG
Canto 18 from The Vision of Hell 8:51 Read by Algy Pug
Dix-huit ans 2:20 Read by Isad
Eighteen 1:39 Read by KevinS
Eighteen 1:10 Read by Rapunzelina
Eighteen Maxims of Neatness and Order 29:28 Read by Rapunzelina
1861 2:31 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Eighteen-Twelver 30:05 Read by Beeswaxcandle
Elegy XVIII, Loves Progress 5:04 Read by Public Domain Scholar
Enoch Soames: A Memory of the Eighteen-Nineties 1:03:33 Read by Ben Tucker
Scene 18 of Faust 4:23 Read by Alan Mapstone
Federalist No. 18. The Same Subject Continued (The Insufficiency of the Present… 19:44 Read by mleigh
Flight 18 18:38 Read by Winnifred Assmann
"Introduction of the Honey Bee to California," from Bee-Keeper's Directory, or… 13:43 Read by Sue Anderson
"Royalty" from "Old Times: A Picture of Social Life at the End of the Eighteent… 8:56 Read by Paula Messina
The Proverbs of Threescore: Affectionately Addressed to Eighteen 3:09 Read by TriciaG
Psalm 18 6:05 Read by Larry Wilson
Song of Myself, Section 18 1:18 Read by Chris Pyle
Sonnet 18 1:30 Read by Scotty Smith
Preface and Introduction of "To Gibraltar and Back in an Eighteen-Tonner" 10:54 Read by Devorah Allen