The Prophet (version 5)

Read by Ruth Golding

(5 stars; 7 reviews)

The Prophet is the best known work of Khalil Gibran, also known as Kahlil Gibran, a Lebanese American poet and artist.

The poetic prose of The Prophet has delighted readers for generations, and the book became particularly popular in the 1960s. Al-Mustafa the prophet, who has lived abroad for many years, is about to board a ship home when he is stopped by a group of people with whom he discusses many aspects of life and the human condition, including love, children, freedom, reason and passion, pain, self-knowledge and death.

- Summary by Ruth Golding and Wikipedia
This recording was originally published on and was later released on Librivox when US copyright permitted. (1 hr 31 min)


Part 1 47:17 Read by Ruth Golding
Part 2 44:11 Read by Ruth Golding


The Prophet

(5 stars)

I give welcome "for listening" as the reader gave thanks, and my thanks for the beauty of the words spoken and the message gifted to my ears. This book will be at another time to come for me. Thank you Ruth Golding.


(5 stars)

I enjoyed this book. Ruth's voice was amazing.


(5 stars)

Wonderful book and a wonderful reader.