Go She Must!

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Anne Dunnock is desperately unhappy. Her widowed father is an unpopular clergyman, who takes his work more seriously than his parishioners would like. His attitude alienates himself and his daughter from the villagers, despite Anne's attempts to fit in. It is only after she escapes into marriage that her father lets her know how much he esteems her. - Summary by LynneT (4 hr 54 min)


BIRDS IN THE SNOW 17:40 Read by Claudia Peri
PLOUGH MONDAY 18:01 Read by Leander van Nieuwpoort
SOTHEBY’S SHOP 19:15 Read by Claudia Peri
THE TRAPEZE BOY 15:08 Read by MaybeCordelia
THE FROST HELD 22:43 Read by Claudia Peri
WINGED SEEDS 15:48 Read by Stacey Malcolm
THE BURNT FARM 18:00 Read by Leander van Nieuwpoort
WILLOW-PATTERN PARIS 17:35 Read by Leander van Nieuwpoort
BIRTHDAY TEA 17:32 Read by KimberlyB
NO GOOD-BYES 22:15 Read by KimberlyB
BEFORE THE SWALLOW DARES 17:24 Read by Ashley Gatti
RICHARD’S FRIENDS 16:28 Read by Ashley Gatti
PARIS 14:24 Read by Ashley Gatti
A REMOVAL 26:58 Read by KimberlyB
HONEYMOONING 15:36 Read by Allyson
ANGELS 20:00 Read by Allyson