Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 7: Winning His Way

Read by Keith Salis

(4.9 stars; 9 reviews)

The recent death of Frank Morris' father, Owner and Editor of the Green River Argus, has left his 18 year-old son, Frank to take up the challenge of running the paper. In the months preceding his death, Frank's father had hired a man, Mr. Jebb, to run the paper in his absence. Unfortunately Mr. Jebb had purposefully mishandled the paper to diminish its value so the local powerhead, Squire Roach, could purchase it at a bargain. Now Frank needs his wits, ingenuity, and salesmanship to help the Argus to regain its stature in the community. (Summary by Keith Salis) (2 hr 35 min)


Ch 1 In which Frank Morris becomes the Youngest Editor in Green River 9:39 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 2 In which Frank Learns of the Perfidy of Mr. Jebb 11:25 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 3 In which Frank Assumes Control of the Green River Argus 11:36 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 4 In which Frank Morris and Dan Harwood Start the Ball Rolling 9:26 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 5 In which Duncan Roach Visits the Argus Office 10:42 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 6 In which Elsie Gray, Mr. Dabbleton, an Advance Agent, and Judge Smith Enli… 10:11 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 7 In which Frank Gets a Large Contract for Printing from a Local Manufactory 8:26 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 8 In which Frank Proposes a New Scheme to Boom the Argus 10:02 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 9 In which Frank Receives a Note Bearing the Signature of a Young Lady in wh… 7:44 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 10 In which Frank Morris Gets a Roasting 11:14 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 11 In which Frank Takes a Manly Revenge on Duncan Roach 8:49 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 12 In which Prosperity Begins to Set Toward the Green River Argus 8:24 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 13 In which Squire Roach Finds out that Mr. Jebb is Boss of the Situation 8:04 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 14 In which Mr. Jebb and His Friend Robinson Owe Their Lives to Frank Morris 8:14 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 15 In which Frank Scores a "Beat" on the Times and Has another Visit from El… 9:22 Read by Keith Salis
Ch 16 In which it is Hoped Everything is Settled to the Reader's Satisifaction 11:52 Read by Keith Salis



(5 stars)

Reader excellent. A well developed plot for easy listening. Thank you reader and LibriVox.