The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 10 - 10. October 1899

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The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, Vol X, October 1899.
It includes the following articles:

along with Geographic Literature and Miscellanea (1 hr 59 min)


Life on a Yukon Trail 26:08 Read by Piotr Nater
Tides of Chesapeake Bay 3:58 Read by Mark Dykshoorn
The Relation of Forests and Forest Fires 16:33 Read by David L. York
Variations in Lake Levels and Atmospheric Precipitation 6:33 Read by Mark Dykshoorn
Calculations of Population in June, 1900 18:45 Read by David L. York
The Definite Location of Bouvet Island 4:06 Read by Alan Mapstone
Peary's Work and Prospects 3:59 Read by Greg Giordano
Peary's Explorations in 1898-1899 5:10 Read by Greg Giordano
The California and Nevada Boundary 4:04 Read by Alan Mapstone
Geographic Literature 12:06 Read by BettyB
Railroads and Canals 2:23 Read by Alan Mapstone
Geographic Miscellanea 15:41 Read by BettyB