Aniwee: or, the Warrior Queen

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"I am going to tell you about a splendid unexplored country, and several adventures that happened therein, and I hope some day that some of you will go and see those countries, and penetrate even further into their mysteries, than did the girls and boys who figure in this book."

This is the original children's tale and should not be confused with the R rated 1987 movie of the same name. - Summary from the introduction (7 hr 56 min)


Introductory Poem 1:51 Read by DragonSong
I 15:40 Read by KHand
II 12:59 Read by KHand
III 13:32 Read by KHand
IV 15:40 Read by Heather McKee
V 15:28 Read by MelissaMarie
VI 14:30 Read by Natalka52
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XI 15:22 Read by MelissaMarie
XII 12:50 Read by czandra
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XV 16:25 Read by Jen Teal Levine
XVI 14:58 Read by Jen Teal Levine
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XIX 14:23 Read by Tonytalks
XX 14:24 Read by Simona Rusu
XXI 15:12 Read by Arnav Darnal
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XXIX 14:21 Read by Christine Bowden
XXX 15:16 Read by MelissaMarie
XXXI 12:10 Read by MelissaMarie
XXXII Conclusion 7:25 Read by Christine Bowden
Conclusion 3:04 Read by Hanna Ponomarenko