The Power of Concentration

Read by Andrea Fiore

(4.6 stars; 4885 reviews)

A series of twenty lessons designed to help develop and improve the power of concentration. (Summary by Andrea Fiore)
Written under the pseudonym of Theron Q. Dumont. (4 hr 13 min)


Introduction 4:25 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 1-2 39:34 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 3-4 12:33 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 5-6 20:47 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 7-8 21:55 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 9-10 25:18 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 11-12 18:53 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 13-14 44:58 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 15-16 15:01 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 17-18 17:46 Read by Andrea Fiore
Lessons 19-20 32:10 Read by Andrea Fiore


(4 stars)

i came here for learning english but i learned lot for life

no comments for this book - because this is more then wow

(5 stars)

Great recommendations

(4 stars)

Almost all the views and suggestions can be applied in a real world.

one of the best book

(5 stars)

Read every time.....whenever you are feeling down....

practically usefull content

(4 stars)

good content. for my ear not a suitable reader....

Powerful Simplicity!

(5 stars)

If you've never meditated before (or even if you have) the overarching message of this book (on the importance of learning differing self-disciplines, chiefly that of focusing one's mind) is sure to be of value (review or new) and the reader's voice is pleasant and unhurried. Listen, reflect, and above all - Use it! 0:)

Amazing book!

(5 stars)

I wish I read this book when I was younger. What a powerful thing it is. It wold have made my life better, happier and more productive. And not only the content was good but the narrator was outstanding. Steady voice with a solid expression. A must read (listen) for everyone.


(5 stars)

This book is very important. The lessons and information discussed are visibly absent from today's society. Be that as it may, this way of thought and action can be developed with its ultimate materialization found in the betterment of oneself. This book cannot be more highly recommended.