Sunshine Factory (Version 2)

Read by DariaAM

(4.5 stars; 4 reviews)

Sunshine Factory, written under the pseudonym Pansy, is a warm-hearted, cheerful, inspiring, and witty collection of Christian children's tales, focusing on the character essentials of love, service, innocence, and pure faith in Christ. Uniting children, parents, and relatives, these charming vintage tales combine the wisdom of the old and new, troubles and hope, disappointment and success, tears and smiles, and truly serves to show, with beautiful simplicity, the deep importance of "sunshine factories" in every home. - Summary by DariaAM (0 hr 38 min)


Sunshine Factory 3:29 Read by DariaAM
Mollie's Thanksgiving 8:34 Read by DariaAM
Fishing 7:36 Read by DariaAM
Ray's Morning 4:57 Read by DariaAM
Nettie's Visit 6:30 Read by DariaAM
Warren's Verse 4:19 Read by DariaAM
Brown Tommy 3:06 Read by DariaAM