Redacted By Hugh Costello

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Redacted Greta Scacchi and Nicholas Murchie head the cast in Hugh Costello's political thriller of secrets and lies. Monica: Greta Scacchi Jonathan: Nicholas Murchie Fiona: Lauren O'Neil Shofi: Ashley Kumar Kitty: Alice Kerrigan Justin: John Dougall Derek: Christian Patterson Lucas: David Reakes Director: Alasdair Cross Drama First broadcast:  Thu 10th Aug 2017 14:15 on BBC Radio 4 FM Twice a year thousands of confidential state files are released to the press and public- files that detail the workings of the British government of thirty years ago. If you want to know how Margaret Thatcher reacted to Islamic terror in Lebanon or how the Cabinet responded to the AIDS crisis then these are the documents you're waiting for. But some of those files will be disfigured by a black marker pen- they'll be Redacted. Secrets too sensitive, even thirty years on, will remain in the shadows. Jonathan is a 'sensitivity reviewer', the senior civil servant with the marker pen. It's normally a pretty dreary job, but just occasionally a long-forgotten document sparks his interest. When Jonathan spots his wife's name at the bottom of an urgent memo to the Prime Minister it lands him with the toughest moral dilemma of his life.

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