Dover And The Smoking Gun

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Dover and the Smoking Gun By Paul Mendelson (An original story based on characters created by Joyce Porter) A new adventure for Chief Inspector Dover, Scotland Yard's most unwanted man - and his long-suffering 'gofer', Sergeant MacGregor. MacGregor takes leave to return to Glasgow for the funeral of an old flame. But was her death a tragic accident or foul play? Reluctant to leave London as usual, Dover heads north to help his grief-stricken colleague find out the truth. Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover is Scotland Yard's most unwanted man. He's a rather rude, dishevelled, glutton, who is sent out of London to help other police forces solve local crimes along with his long-suffering 'gofer', Sergeant MacGregor.   Despite his objectionable demeanour Dover has an uncanny knack of solving crimes. Starring Kenneth Cranham as Chief Inspector Dover and Stuart McQuarrie as Sergeant MacGregor. Mr McGregor: Alexander Morton Gourlay: Gordon Kennedy Ettie Silver: Carolyn Bonnyman Laura Brand: Frances Grey Finlay Gemmell: Neil McKinven Chief Constable McKay: Robert Blythe Director/Producer: David Neville First broadcast:  Mon 1st Oct 2012 14:15 on BBC Radio 4 FM

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