A Day By The Sea By N C. Hunter

A Day by the Sea Written by N.C. Hunter Adapted by Mollie Greenhaigh The loves, hopes and fears of a Dorsetshire family are brought together and revealed over a few short hours in the course of a day by the sea. With Wendy Hiller and Michael Hordem. Laura Anson: Wendy Hiller Dr Farley: Michael Hordern Frances Farrar: Barbara Leigh Hunt Julian Anson: Richard Pasco David Anson: Alan Wheatley Miss Malhieson: Elizabeth Kelly William Gregson: Ronald Herdman Humphrey Caldwell: Fraser Kerr Elinor: Jane Whittenshaw Toby: Danielle Allan N. C. Hunter has been called ‘the English Chekhov’, and this delicate, poetic, autumnal play captures a Chekhovian sense of loss, shattered ambitions and personal isolation, but amongst a distinctly English group of characters. Set in Dorset after the Second World War, A Day by the Sea is both gently comic and profoundly tragic . . . Director Graham Gauld Saturday Playhouse Sat 15th Jun 1991 14:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


1 1:28:00