The Case of the Pocket Diary Found in the Snow

Read by Dawn Larsen

(4.5 stars; 156 reviews)

The account of some adventures in the professional experience of a member of the Imperial Austrian Police. (from the text) (1 hr 47 min)


Chapter 1 - The Discovery in the Snow 29:11 Read by Dawn Larsen
Chapter 2 - The Story of the Notebook 58:16 Read by Dawn Larsen
Chapter 3 - The Lonely Cottage 20:28 Read by Dawn Larsen


Neat little short story

(5 stars)

A diary is found in the snow that says "Here is how I was murdered." Time to call in the famous detective Joseph Muller to solve this puzzling case. Muller quickly realizes the seriousness and urgency of the case and is hot on the trail of a kidnapper who is determined to murder the author of the lost diary. Can Muller reach her in time? Excellent story, excellent reader. Enjoy!

Nice little story

(4 stars)

Another enjoyable Muller mystery well read by Dawn Larsen. Well worth a listen very good short story.

(5 stars)

Nice story by one of librivox best reader's

(5 stars)

Classic mystery, in line with J.S. Fletcher. I re-read classics when the newer novels get disappointing enough. :-! This is one series I prefer at such times. Recommended. Clearly narrated.

I enjoyed the story and the reader.

(4.5 stars)

The reader's voice is clear and sussinct, and the volume is good on this short, enjoyable story. Thank you.

excellent book well read

(5 stars)

I enjoyed it so much it's a pity it wasn't longer. thanks to the reader for a little gem .

(5 stars)

Good story.A nice pace to it.A gentle way of writing,but I loved it.Very good reader that added to the story.

Enjoyable but not as unusual as The Case of the Pool of Blood ..

(3.5 stars)

Well read