A Damsel in Distress

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(4.7 stars; 385 reviews)

A Damsel in Distress is a novel by P. G. Wodehouse, first published in the U.S. on October 4, 1919 by George H. Doran, New York, and in the U.K. by Herbert Jenkins, London, on October 17 1919. It had previously been serialised in The Saturday Evening Post, between May and June that year.
Golf-loving American composer George Bevan falls in love with a mysterious young lady who takes refuge in his taxicab one day; when he tracks her down to a romantic rural manor, mistaken identity leads to all manner of brouhaha. (summary from Wikipedia) (7 hr 31 min)


Chapter 1 29:24 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 2 20:03 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 3 16:30 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 4 14:46 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 5 12:53 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 6 26:04 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 7 20:04 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 8 13:02 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 9 17:26 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 10 11:03 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 11 15:41 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 12 8:28 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 13 16:29 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 14 16:30 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 15 29:24 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 16 20:40 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 17 11:11 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 18 11:08 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 19 15:18 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 20 14:06 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 21 27:36 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 22 15:14 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 23 19:12 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 24 13:06 Read by Madame Tusk
Chapter 25 7:13 Read by Yazpistachio
Chapter 26 19:32 Read by Madame Tusk
Damsel In Distress, A 9:02 Read by Yazpistachio


Sweet story

(5 stars)

Listened to this again, and loved it again. :-) Original review - November 24, 2009 This is such a sweet story. A nice bit of misunderstanding leads to a strange sort of love triangle and all sorts of misadventures for two people, one US born and one of the British aristocracy. Of course, with Wodehouse, true love always triumphs, but getting there is a blast. Readers are excellent, nice job with voices and accents.

Delightful Wodehouse Wit!

(5 stars)

Well-crafted and, at times, laugh-out-loud British humor abounds in this comic novel about the culture and manners of the upper classes. Hilarious miscommunications give rise to clever plot twists in this enjoyable and sweet romance. The book is very well read by 'Madame Tuft'. I thoroughly enjoyed her delivery, and her charming use of accents. Nicely done!

Excellent Wodehouse Comedy

(5 stars)

This book was an absolute riot. It has a great cast of characters, written to be both true to life and comical. When you add to that an excellent reading by Yazpistachio and Madame Tusk, the characters (and the humor) come to life - from the dippy Reggie Bing to the snobbish Lady Caroline. Underlying it all is a romance hampered (or is it helped?) by a case of mistaken identity.


(5 stars)

First of all, a wonderful novel. Funny and clever, with a gently satirical plot full of romantic dealings in the upper class. The two readers both do a great job with the voices and accents and bring the characters to life. I found the altering refreshing as the quality stayed constant throughout. Loved listening to this, thank you to the readers!

Lyrical Reading

(5 stars)

As always, Wodehouse gives us an excellent, funny and sentimental romance to enjoy. As a musician, the "lyrical" voices who did all of us the favor of reading this story, added much to my enjoyment of it. Thanks so much to the readers and to everyone who volunteers to bring us such delightful entertainment from Librivox. God Bless you all!

(5 stars)

This is a fun comedy-romance by one of my very favorite authors. It contains a lot of mistaken identity and misunderstanding. I would highly recommend this book. This Librovox version was very well read, nice and clear and their cadence and intonation do not distract from the story itself.


(5 stars)

This is the very 1st P.G. Wodehouse I have ever heard. I feel like I have been deprived for so long. I'm not normally into lovey dovey type stories but this one is not all gooey it's very funny. The readers were amazing!!

Fun and Romance

(5 stars)

I just love these Wodehouse romantic comedies. This one takes the cake with 3 happily-ever-afters in one story. The two readers did a wonderful job infusing each character with distinct accents and personality. A very entertaining and fun read.