The Six Shooter 53 12 20 Britt Ponsett's Christmas Carol

(4.9 stars; 6 reviews)

On a cold winter's night, Britt is seated by his campfire when a young boy rides up asking to warm his horse. The boy tells Britt he's running away from home and that he's learned to hate Christmas, so Britt decides to teach him the true meaning of Christmas by relating a story about an old miser who also hated Christmas but was visited by ghosts that changed his whole outlook on life and the Spirit of Christmas.

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I was born 53 10 30

(5 stars)

I first heard this on local radio in about 1958. My mother tuned the old radio in and I lay on her bed with my eyes closed and drifted into this story within a story... in the Old West. It still pulls me in. I love that music. This is not just drama... IT IS REAL!