Mary Ware in Texas

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(4.4 stars; 8 reviews)

A continuation of the adventures of Mary Ware, the chum of the Little Colonel and the heroine of the tenth volume in the "Little Colonel" series. Mary Ware goes to Texas where during a winter with her mother and Jack in San Antonio and the hill country she has new and varied experiences which are entertainingly set down for the enjoyment of young readers. (Book Review Digest 1911) (8 hr 23 min)


In San Antonio 25:31 Read by Julian Pratley
In Search of a Home 38:45 Read by Usha Ganesh
The Little Town of Bauer 24:42 Read by GoldenThread
Mary Finds Gay 27:29 Read by GoldenThread
At Fort Sam Houston 33:17 Read by Kathleen Moore
On the Creek-Bank 31:45 Read by Kathleen Moore
Christmas 38:52 Read by Marya James
"Die Kleinen Teufel" 33:33 Read by Jvisi
At the Barnaby Ranch 44:15 Read by Michelle Morales
In Joyce's Studio 35:17 Read by Marya James
Phil Goes to Warwick Hall 29:18 Read by Dessa Dixon
In "Blue-Bonnet" Time 30:03 Read by Maria Anastasiades
Jack 22:43 Read by AnnaBae
San Jacinta Day 28:52 Read by Marya James
New Trails 58:52 Read by Ares Sancho



(4 stars)

By adjusting of speed and volume this reading was very good. The plot was a picture of struggle , hardship, and hope. Worth the listen.