The Big Blue Soldier

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(4.5 stars; 366 reviews)

Back from the Great War, a penniless and disillusioned young soldier finds himself in the home of Miss Marilla Chadwick, a sweet old lady who is expecting her nephew for dinner. Mary Amber, Miss Marilla's neighbor, is also there. He hates girls. She hates men. What will be the result? He will fight girl in the concrete! - Summary by LikeManyWaters (2 hr 28 min)


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Lovely Short Story

(5 stars)

A nice simple love story to listen to. Well read. Thank-you for a couple of enjoyable hours.

Quick enjoyable listen

(4 stars)

Lots of classic GLH themes: mistaken identity, a scorned lover, a doting spinster aunt...yet enough original ideas to keep it interesting, even when you know where the story is going! All 3 main characters started off the story with a lot of pride which led them into strange decisions, but once they dropped their ego, they were very nice people!

Delightful story

(4 stars)

I love stories that catch your attention from the start and this one does. The story is not a tearjerker but a sweet love story. Its a must read. The reader did a great job.

(5 stars)

Another great story by MS Hill. Dealing with taboo issues such as shell shock and "Dear John" letters a generation before it was popular

Narrow Escape for a dear boy

(5 stars)

I'm a soldier's mom. as such, the beginning of the story really pulls at my heartstrings. there is nothing i want more n than for the Big Blue Soldier to find healing. praise God for all the Aunts out there who live our men and women in uniform as if their own. April, 2022

Precious Perfection

(5 stars)

The only thing wrong with this story is that I wish it was three times as long. My gratitude to the reader, thank you for this little gem.

One of my favorite GLH books…

(4.5 stars)

This book is one I come to again and again. It’s shorter compared to most GLH books, but a delightful favorite.

A simple story well read.

(4 stars)

Some good themes and characters although, of course, predictable. But the hero suddenly becoming very wealthy weakened the plot.