The Cave Girl

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(4.5 stars; 74 reviews)

Blueblooded mama's boy Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones is swept overboard during a south seas voyage for his lifelong ill health. He finds himself on a jungle island. His bookish education has not prepared him to cope with these surroundings, and he is a coward. He is terrified when he encounters primitive, violent men, ape-like throwbacks in mankind's evolutionary history. He runs from them, but when he reaches a dead end, he successfully makes a stand, astonishing himself. While keeping the hairy brutes at bay, he meets a beautiful girl, Nadara, also on the run. In an uncharacteristic gesture, he saves her from the grasp of one ape-man during their escape. - Summary by Wikipedia (3 hr 36 min)


Flotsam 20:47 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
The Wild People 15:25 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
The little Eden 22:32 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
Death's Doorway 23:11 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
The Awakening 27:33 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
A Choice 15:56 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
Thandar, the Seeker 16:19 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
Nadara Again 10:13 Read by Lucy Lo Faro
The Seeker 19:15 Read by Mark Nelson
The Trail's End 18:03 Read by Mark Nelson
Capture 27:26 Read by Mark Nelson


Excllent book

(5 stars)

Tell me, is it just me or is there a mistake in the chapter "Nadara Again" at minute 1:24? It didnt quite follow. almost like she skipped a line.


(5 stars)

The ending felt slightly unfinished. I really enjoyed the whole book! It has the signature loss of clothes every Burroughs book has. Lol.

as always ERB doesn't disappoint.

(5 stars)

Both readers were really good also.

(3.5 stars)

pretty good. a bit short but not bad.

not one of my favorite Burroughs books

(3 stars)