Prejudices, First Series

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Mencken sharpens his pen and in a collection of short essays delivers acerbic opinions on issues and persons of the time. Among his targets in this volume (the first of six) are critics, H.G. Wells Thorstein Veblen, Arnold Bennett, William Dean Howells, Irvin S. Cobb. Mencken's critiques are delivered against a background of his own well known ethnic, racial, religious, and sectional prejudices. (It is said that the only thing Mencken loved about the Southern United States was his wife, who hailed from Alabama.) Not for the faint of heart, Mencken's prickly, yet unapologetic, prose reveals a window into American attitudes at the time they were written and their influences on the larger American culture. - Summary by DrPGould (7 hr 0 min)


Criticism of Criticism of Criticism 18:55 Read by DrPGould
The Late Mr. Wells 25:31 Read by Linda Johnson
Arnold Bennett 30:39 Read by Linda Johnson
The Dean 10:48 Read by DrPGould
Professor Veblen 35:50 Read by DrPGould
The New Poetry Movement 23:22 Read by Larry Wilson
The Heir of Mark Twain 9:51 Read by Karen Mallozzi
Hermann Sudermann 18:07 Read by Shasta
George Ade 20:35 Read by Shasta
The Butte Bashkirtseff 12:13 Read by Shasta
Six Members of the Institute 29:01 Read by DrPGould
The Genealogy of Etiquette 38:27 Read by Linda Johnson
The American Magazine 18:43 Read by Linda Johnson
The Ulster Polonius 17:30 Read by Linda Johnson
An Unheeded Law-Giver 8:52 Read by Shasta
The Blushful Mystery 26:52 Read by Shasta
George Jean Nathan 28:44 Read by Linda Johnson
Portrait of an Immortal Soul 21:20 Read by Linda Johnson
Jack London 7:08 Read by Linda Johnson
Among the Avatars 11:26 Read by Linda Johnson
Three American Immortals 7:00 Read by Larry Wilson