The Bacchae (Solo Version)

Read by Tony Addison

(2 stars; 2 reviews)

Euripides' Bacchae tells of Dionysus, the God, come to the city of Thebes, there to drive mad those who refuse participation in his ecstatic rites, sing and dance on the mountainside and worship him as God. A family tale as well as a sacrificial rite, in it Dionysus drives his own aunts mad and lures his cousin, Pentheus, cross-dressed as a woman, to a humiliating death at his own mother's hands. An extraordinarily beautiful, utterly terrifying tale. (Summary by Tony Addison) (2 hr 14 min)


Chapter One 56:56 Read by Tony Addison
Chapter Two 1:06:44 Read by Tony Addison
Note on the Bacchae 11:02 Read by Tony Addison



(2 stars)

If you like Daleks, this is the read for you.