Out of the Bag and Other Quirky Short Stories

Read by Deborah Ochery

(3.4 stars; 4 reviews)

Five humorous short stories make up this collection by the authors of XC Publishing.net. Here you’ll find a quirky mix of romance, science fiction, and fantasy tales by Deborah Ochery, Janet L. Loftis, and Xina Marie Uhl with one thing in common - they will amuse as well as intrigue you.

Spicy romance writer Deborah Ochery brings you "Adventures in Speed Dating." Speed dating is where the best your city has to offer steps forth to WOW you in ninety seconds or less! Kendra is not impressed.

Janet Loftis brings you science fiction in "The Human Jean Gnome Project, " where a hospital laboratory, a dwarf, and a confused intern make beautiful puns together. In "Yeah, But Can It Drive a Car" aliens fly millions of miles just to navigate California freeways. This involves much driving like Starsky and Hutch, some general exasperation and the possibility of grisly death.

Xina Marie Uhl brings you fantasy in "A Fairy Tail," where a lustful knight and a shape-changing unicorn compete to win the hand of a damsel who’s not in distress. In the super short story "Out of the Bag" Jason the cop expects a normal day on the force, but a chance encounter on a breaking and entering call changes everything. A bonus excerpt from The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior gives you a hilarious taste of humans’ eccentricities from a cat’s point of view. Learn about the manual that CATSWEEK touts as unraveling "the tangled inner workings of human beings, allowing you to subjugate them better than ever before!"

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By Deborah Ochery Read by Deborah Ochery
By Janet Loftis Read by Deborah Ochery
By Xina Marie Uhl Read by Deborah Ochery