Squatter With a Lexus

Read by Tom Lichtenberg

(3.6 stars; 6 reviews)

Pearson Holmes disappeared a long time ago, leaving behind a potentially valuable safety deposit box. Freddy the Freegan is the first to stumble across the mystery, but soon a whole cast of characters are out to find the key and claim the treasure before time runs out and the contents are forfeit to the state. Who will solve the riddle of the Squatter with a Lexus?

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Squatter 01 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Squatter 02 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Squatter 03 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Squatter 04 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Squatter 05 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Squatter 06 Read by Tom Lichtenberg


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It does make you wonder. As the writer, it'd be more helpful if people had to leave a comment when they leave a rating. It's okay if you don't like it. It's okay to say so, too. On iTunes you can check the rater's other ratings - I've often found ...

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OK so I have to admit to being dumb! I have listened to all six episodes. I have listened to the last one minute five times .......... and I still don't understand the ending. Surely this is a NON ending. Please explain this story to me as if I understood ...

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Well, I listened to this novella and rated it, and I can say I really enjoyed it. It was well-written and unique and the narration was subdued, which fit the story. A good little book. Thank you.

(4.5 stars)

I liked it but totally didn't get the ending. I'm going to have to listen again. Edit: Ok I finally got it. A very good read just not a fan of the bad language.

(3 stars)

I am going to think about this one for a bit. Well read rather hurried near the final chapters but overall enjoying.

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Gee whiz..If someone is compelled to leave such a low rating..shouldn't they be compelled to at least explain why?