Medical Sciences

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Genomic Medicine - hype or hope? 1:00:21 Read by Hugh Watkins
preDICT: Cardiac Electrophysiology Modeling 12:07 Read by Arthur Thomas, Denis Noble, Gary Mirams, LucĂ­a Romero, Blanca Rodriguez, David Gavaghan, Geoff Williams and Jean-Jacques Descombes
Understanding human pain, suffering and relief through brain imaging 1:20:15 Read by Irene Tracey
David Smith on Dementia 25:50 Read by David Smith and Oliver Lewis
Kim Nasmyth on Biochemistry 5:07 Read by Kim Nasmyth
Genetics with Kay Davies 23:24 Read by Kay Davies and Oliver Lewis
Gero Miesenboeck on Fruit Flies and Neuroscience 27:39 Read by Gero Miesenboeck and Oliver Lewis
Jennifer Lau on Anxiety and Depression in Children 19:13 Read by Jennifer Lau and Oliver Lewis
Craig Venter on Genomics 1:07:02 Read by J Craig Venter
Irene Tracey on FMRI and Pain 44:03 Read by Irene Tracey and Oliver Lewis
Thomas Helleday on Cancer 26:46 Read by Thomas Helleday
Andrew Pollard on Childhood Disease 36:37 Read by Andrew Pollard and Oliver Lewis


Very informative

(5 stars)

This very informative book/,lecture is excellent for the person studying Medicine or I interested in medicine.