Global Health

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University of Oxford Podcasts


Enteric fever 5:15 Read by Christiane Dolecek
Pneumococcal diseases 4:59:00 Read by Angela Brueggemann
Better hospitals for children 4:23:00 Read by Mike English
Health systems research 7:11:00 Read by Sassy Molyneux
Childhood Nutrition and Immunity 7:16 Read by Jay Berkley
Genomics and Global Health 5:49 Read by Dominic Kwiatkowski
Infectious diseases in China 7:13 Read by Tao Dong
Rift Valley Fever 5:14 Read by George Warimwe
MedicineAfrica 6:12 Read by Alexander Finlayson
Dengue Infection 5:18 Read by Kerstin Luhn
Rickettsial Disease 6:11 Read by Daniel Paris
Infectious diseases in South East Asia 6:28 Read by Nick Day
Microbiology in Thailand 5:46 Read by Stuart Blacksell


Quite a lot of information

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Lengthy, however, excellent information, well read.