Oxford-India Day

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Welcome to the Oxford-India Day 11:51 Read by Andrew Hamilton
Oxford and India - an Enduring Relationship 23:03 Read by Chris Patten
Why India is the World's Most Interesting Country 23:56 Read by Ramachandra Guha
Nationwide Studies of Indian Mortality 11:54 Read by Richard Peto
India-Oxford Cancer Research 1:57 Read by Raghib Ali
Inclusive Economic Growth in India: Basic Policy Issues 12:59 Read by Vijay Joshi
Kingship and the Roots of Indian Political Culture 15:32 Read by Anna-Maria Misra
India: The View from Oxford 9:58 Read by Sunali Rohra
Closing Questions and Answers 22:28 Read by Andrew Hamilton


superb lecture proud of my country listening about India

(5 stars)