The Enchiridion of Augustine

Read by Darren L. Slider

(4.8 stars; 74 reviews)

The Enchiridion, Manual, or Handbook of Augustine of Hippo is alternatively titled, "Faith, Hope, and Love". The Enchiridion is a compact treatise on Christian piety, written in response to a request by an otherwise unknown person, named Laurentis, shortly after the death of Saint Jerome in 420. It is intended as a model for Christian instruction or catechesis. - As the title indicates, the work is organized according to the three graces necessary for the Christian worship of God: Faith, Hope and Love. Under Faith, Augustine explains the use of the Apostles' Creed, in teaching Christian doctrine and in refuting heresies. Under Hope, he briefly explains the Lord's Prayer as a model of Christian prayer. The final part is a discourse on Christian love. (Summary from Wikipedia) (2 hr 59 min)


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(4.5 stars)

As always, Darren Slider is my favorite reader. His speed, clarity & ability are superb. As to the book, I love St. Augustine so what can I do but praise it?


(4.5 stars)

Crucial for a good understanding of original sin and predestination. I would pay close attention to Augustine's selection of scripture, how he makes his conclusions, and whether they are fair to other passages that he does not include in the text. This work has influenced western Christianity significantly. Must read.

Good read great subject

(5 stars)

I've been trying to read this book for a long time but have difficulty getting through it. Thanks to Librivox and its team of volunteers, I finally got through it.


(5 stars)

This work should be read by every person of faith! such a lucid explanation of the mysteries of the faith in such a small work! It was read very well too.

Concise and clear

(5 stars)

Very heartfelt text on the way we hope in God. great reading, as always.

(5 stars)

Should be required reading/listening for students of the faith 👍

(5 stars)

Excellent reading of a must ready book!