Sherlock Holmes Tom Conway

(4.5 stars; 71 reviews)

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


461012 - The Adventure Of The Stuttering Ghost 29:29
461019 - The Adventure Of The Black Angus 30:40
461026 - The Clue Of The Hungry Cat 25:01
461102 - The Adventure Of The Original Hamlet 29:51
461109 - The Singular Adventure Of The Dying Schoolboys 30:05
461116 - The Adventure Of The Genuine Guarnarius 30:37
461123 - The Adventure Of Sally Martin 30:06
461130 - The Strange Death Of Mrs Abernetty 29:11
461207 - The Singular Affair Of The Coptic Compass 32:13
461214 - The Adventure Of The Elusive Emerald 29:52
461221 - The Adventure Of The Grand Old Man 30:00
461228 - The Singular Affair Of The White Cockerel 29:19
470104 - The Darlington Substitution Case 29:44
470113 - The Adventure Of The Devil's Foot 29:18
470127 - The Babbling Butler 29:47
470203 - The Adventure of the Dying Detective 29:13
470210 - The Strange Case Of The Persecuted Millionaire 30:09
470217 - The Adventure Of The Haunted Bagpipes 29:27
470224 - The Horseless Carriage 29:48
470303 - Queue For Murder 30:30
470310 - The Singular Affair Of The Ancient Egyptian Curse 29:50
470317 - The Strange Case Of Professor Presbury 29:22
470324 - The Adventure Of The Scarlet Worm 29:52
470331 - The Adventure Of Maltree Abbey 29:55
470407 - The Tolling Bell 26:16
470414 - The Adventure Of The Carpathian Horror 29:42
470421 - The Lion's Mane 29:50
470428 - The Island Of Death 29:32
470505 - The Remarkable Affair Of The Pointless Robbery 29:50
470512 - Wysteria Lodge (aka The Voodoo Curse) 29:50
470519 - The Harley Street Murders 30:11
470526 - The Adventure Of The Submerged Baronet 29:31
470602 - The Red-Headed League 29:32
470609 - Murder In The Locked Room 29:44
470616 - Death In The North Sea 30:05
470623 - The Adventure Of The Speckled Band 29:50
470630 - The Adventure Of The Innocent Murderess 29:42
470707 - The Adventure Of The Iron Maiden 29:36


470630 - The Adventure Of The Innocent Murderess is messed up

(4 stars)

I enjoyed these Tom Conway episodes. He sounds somewhat like Basil Rathbone. The only negative aspect of the series, aside from several annoying Holmes - Watson interactions, is the blaring horn ensemble. The organ in the Rathbone series fostered calm transitions to and from the commercials. Episode 470630 abruptly cuts off shortly after ten minutes, and a large chunk of The Speckled Band is inserted until time runs out. Hopefully the person who uploaded the Conway series has a means of correcting this error.

The Music Sucks but the Stories are Great

(4 stars)

Never having heard the Tom Conway "Holmes" adventures; it was a bit of a revelation to find them here...thoroughly enjoyable apart from the glaring brass instrumentation; very strange not to hear a plug for Blue Coal or Petrie Wines as in the Rathbone era. As a previous reviewer highlighted; Nigel Bruce' Watson isn't quite the buffoon of the movies or the Rathbone stories and all the better for it.

Not Basil but Tom not bad.

(5 stars)

Not everyone cares for Tom Conway as Holmes but I found his Sherlock not bad at all. Nigel Bruce comes off as a more intellegent Watson...and gets top billing. All in all, a very satisfactory Holmes and Watson series.

no one can be rathbone

(4 stars)

I also enjoyed Tom Conway as Sherlock Holmes. He tends to make a number of small mistakes when reciting his dialogue, but these shows were enjoyable. I wish I could understand why he was replaced with John Stanley

Mr. Holm and Dr. Watten. LOL.

(5 stars)

Very fine show with very good sound, this has everything I want, and that doesn't grow on trees! Thank you to everyone responsible, then and now..

Good Holmes

(5 stars)

Enjoyable series. It does not have Rathbone, but it does have better production values than the Rathbone-Bruce series. Conway and Rathbone have very similar sounding voices.

(4 stars)

Love the detective and sidekick, enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Thanks Librivox for sharing these episodes. Recommended.

Great Stuff

(5 stars)

Very enjoyable take on Sherlock Holmes watson is Hilarious well worth your time 5star's