CBS Radio Mystery Theater 1977-1978

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CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes aired in 1977: The Adventure Of The Speckled Band; Dead Men Do Tell Tales; A Stranger Among Us; A Matter Of Conscience; Rendezvous With Death; The Adventures Of Don Quixote; To Be A Rose; The Wind And The Flame; The Sea Nymph; Return Engagement. Please note: Original source materials for these files did not contain news or commercials.

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(5 stars)

This group of episodes includes one of my favorites, (#699) "DON QUIOTE" This particular episode, based on the 300 year old classic, is certainly not a mystery. However, it IS a very good take on the original story, and it is quite amusing. The story, already done multiple times on Broadway and in films is obviously good to begin with, but this is the only radio adaption I'm aware of, and Himan Brown and company did a great job ! It's quite funny, actually. I reccommend this story to everyone.